The HSBC Bank (UK) Pension Scheme ("the Scheme")

Make your pension work for you

You’re an active Defined Contribution (DC) member of the Scheme, because you’re a current employee and you joined on or after 1 July 1996.

Make your pension work for you

From your first day working with us, HSBC puts money into your DC pension pot, even if you do nothing. If you also contribute to your DC pension pot, HSBC will put in even more. It’s quick and easy to change how much you’re contributing, and you can change your contributions once a month.

HSBC gives you 10% of your first £22,100 pensionable salary

then 9% of anything over £22,100 up to the scheme earnings cap, currently £150,000.

Plus HSBC will match anything you pay up to 7% of your pensionable salary up to the scheme earnings cap, currently £150,000.
It's quick and easy to change how much you're contributing and you can change your contributions once a month.

HSBC pays most of the fees

HSBC pays the administration and investment management fees for the investment options currently available. However depending on the fund, there may be other investment costs which will be reflected in the price of the fund. These costs are variable and likely to be between nil and 0.2% pa.

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This modeller has been included for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied on.  In particular for members who work part time or who are on family leave or any other period of absence, the contributions payable may differ.  When considering the level of contributions to make to the Scheme it is important to consider (i) what you can afford to pay at any particular time bearing in mind other financial obligations you may have eg mortgage payments and (ii) what your retirement objectives are to help ensure you will have saved enough in your pension pot to meet those objectives.  These factors may change in the future so we recommend you regularly review the contributions you are making and the impact any change in contributions levels could make.  For high earners, consideration should also be given to whether any change in contribution rates impacts on your annual allowance, money purchase annual allowance or lifetime allowance.  We would recommend you seek independent financial advice if you are unsure what levels of contributions to make to the Scheme and the impact this may have


HSBC contributes 10% 10% of your first £22,100 pensionable salary then 9% of anything over £22,100 up to the scheme earnings cap currently £150,000
£ 0.00
Your contribution 7%
£ 0.00
HSBC matches your contribution 7%
(up to 7%)
£ 0.00
Total monthly payment into your Pension 24%
£ 0.00

DC Fund factsheets

The latest quarterly DC Fund factsheets dated 31 March 2020 and the monthly flash report dated 30 June 2020 are now available in the Information Centre.

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Manage your investments 

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Scheme Earnings Cap 2020 

HSBC has increased the contributions it pays into your DC pension pot.

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Important update for members who are invested in the property fund 

The Trustee has an important note for members who have chosen the Freechoice, Flexicycle or Lifecycle 2 investment strategy and who have investments in the Property Fund.

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Member newsletter is now available 

The Trustee has published a member newsletter 2020

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