The HSBC Bank (UK) Pension Scheme ("the Scheme")

Make your pension work for you

You’re a deferred Defined Contribution (DC) member of the Scheme because you are a former employee (or have opted out) and you joined on or after 1 July 1996.

DC Fund factsheets

The DC Fund factsheets dated 31 March 2018 are now available in the Information Centre.


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Scheme Earnings Cap 2018 

HSBC has increased the contributions it pays into your DC pension pot.

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Banking Reform 

The legal and regulatory processes to execute the changes to the structure of the covenant to the Scheme to support Banking Reform have been completed.

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Monthly Flash Reports 

The Trustee wants to help you get the most out of the Scheme

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About your DC pension pot

Check your DC pension pot

Keeping an eye on your DC pension pot can help you hit your desired income at your Target Retirement Age. Visit My Pension to see what’s in your DC pension pot and how well it’s performing. If you're on the HSBC network you can click here and you won't need your username and password.

Are your contact details up to date?

It’s important to keep your contact details current. Visit My Pension to do this. You'll need your username and password unless you're within the HSBC network and then you can click here.

If you're still an HSBC employee and have opted out of the pension scheme please also contact HR Direct to update your contact details.