Trustee Directors

Clare Beale

Chair of the Asset & Liability Committee. Member of the Chairs' Committee.

Why be a trustee?

To bring relevant experience and diversity of perspective to the role. With my quantitative background, attention to detail, and experience within risk and governance, I can contribute to the breadth and depth of perspectives within the Pension Trustee Board, resulting in stronger governance for the Scheme.

My priorities

To successfully facilitate navigation of a complex and changing regulatory landscape

With the regulatory and fiscal landscape continually changing, both for the Scheme and for the Bank more broadly, there is a unique opportunity to add value and contribute to navigating an optimal path through the complexity as a Trustee

To promote greater employee engagement with retirement planning and pensions

Given the importance of planning for the future, I would like to contribute by helping to identify and pursue innovative ways of proactively engaging with our members in order to promote greater engagement and comprehension of retirement planning and pensions.

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